Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ruffles and Fringe

Yes, these two things can really take on a life of their own. I've seen other say this in the past, but now I know that it's true.
Case in point:
I started this for The Girly Girl longer ago than I want to admit. Partly because I had custom orders and an open house-partly because it just got pushed aside and forgotten.
I had been reading in the marvelous book by Carol Huber Cyphers about adding an addition row when doing the Oglala technique and decided that The Girly would love this. It looks fabulous, but is amazingly time consuming. I also made it pretty long so she can get it on and off without help if she wants to (oh, and she will), but still used this lovely button as an easy closure as well. It's multi-coloured partially because the plane trip on the way to see The Girly and the rest of the family created some bead soup for me (ahem, never again) and partly because then she can wear it with all kinds of things (she likes to match). Can't wait for her to get this. Poor girl, I've kept her waiting far too long. Sorry darlin!

Case in point two:
I have a friend who placed a custom order with me. She picked the beads and only wanted it to have more flowers than my normal bracelets. This one of a kind piece is what it evolved into. Yes, I got carried away! It was quite the adventure, let's just say that ;).