Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Season

Well, it's yet another season of our lives!
Not long after I wrote the last post, let's say I get really tired. Really, really tired. I then lived in a tired  haze for quite some time made up of work, sinus headaches, soaking my feet and collapsing onto the couch.
We are having a little baby girl in November :).
So, needless to say my focus and what energy I had during the first trimester were not about beads. And then as my energy returned it was about getting through each work day and putting my legs up and resting when I got home.
I am now starting my third week home and not working as my legs would not handle eight hour shifts on them at a go. I am spending a lot of time organizing and cleaning, getting the baby's room ready and nesting.
But it also mean I have time and energy to bead! Yay!
My poor Etsy shop has been sorely neglected. I'm debating about finding a new street team on Etsy or waiting until after little girl shows herself and seeing how her days go first.
Either way, it's also a new season for my beading.
As yes, I have maternity leave and a bit of money with that, but not as much, I'm hoping to get back to selling a little more often and putting more efforts into that online I seem to have sold more in person over the last few years, but I have the time to try to advertise and such more now.
 It will also be a new season in that, since I'm not working right now not all the profits will go to missions. I will still have times where this is true though.
I have some pieces to photograph and listings to update, but mostly I'm excited to play with my beads again :)

I'm also excited to have time to look at other beady buddies blogs and get back into the beading community online :).

See you all soon!