Tuesday, December 6, 2011

With love to Moldova

I have not blogged for Regal beads in over a year? OUCH!
I will admit I sell more in person than online and gave up putting out all the online effort for quite some time. I find sometimes once my job is over for the day and we've eaten dinner, gone out or whatever is going on that week that sometimes I just don't have the energy! But, it's all about priorities.

Last fall I got pretty ill and during that time I had a lot of time to think and pray as I could not do much else. God convicted me that I was becoming greedy with the money I was making from my jewelery and also that there were those in need whom I could help with the talent He had given me. So, I decided from there on out to give 100% of what I make from Regalbeads to ministries.

This is the second year that the month of December has meant sending money to Moldova: there is a church there whom my church has sent funds to each Christmas for quite a few years. They help the disabled and needy who cannot work or do not have enough to have food in the winter. In the summer they eat from their gardens, but in the winter they have great need.
I don't know about you, but I've really never had to worry about food. I can't imagine worrying that my child will have food to fill their stomach.

Pastor Andrew (the pastor of this church) came and spoke to us the summer before last and shared pictures and stories of those whom we helped. To say it was moving does not begin to sum up the impact.
A woman asked if our offering provided them with enough food to last all winter. The answer? Well, not really but sometimes it's all they have so they are encouraged to make it last.

So, all of the money I made last December and again this year will be going to Moldova.
So, anything and everything you buy in my etsy shop or in person for those of you who live here will go to feed the needy.

Won't you help to fill this basic need?