Thursday, January 31, 2008

Are you looking Devine??

If not, perhaps you should check out my featured seller today: purrfectlydevine.

What she has to say about herself:
I am relatively new to beading and I love taking classes to learn new techniques. I began selling because co-workers liked my work and asked if I would sell to them. I opened a shop because people I didn't know would comment about how much they liked my jewelry. Friends encouraged me and helped me get set up and my husband is supportive of my efforts. I have sold a number of pieces through an Open House my sister held for me. I also crochet and am thinking about adding some crochet pieces to my shop in the future.

My full-time job is a special education teacher and I work in a grocery store deli part-time. My husband and I have one daughter who is pretty much on her own and planning to get married in 2009. We share our smoke-free home with 3 cats and one grandpuppy who are banned from the bead room.

Here are a couple of samples from her shop (and of course, be sure to check out the rest of what she has to offer!!):

Crystal Dangles Earrings

Pink Flower Bracelet

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Luscious Beads!

are at BerryBeads !!,

What she has to say about herself:

Hi! My name is Rosi and I have always loved crafts. It is especially nice when the things I make are practical as well as pretty. I have many different interests and making jewelry is a new passion to bring out my creative side.

Thanks for stopping by. Check back often as I add new designs.

Why not take a peak at her shop for something special for someone special this Valentines day, such as her

Copper n' Stone Necklace

or her

Sunny Dragonfly Bracelet?

Be sure to check out the rest of her shop as well!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sweet Elegance

Give an extra special, personalized gift this Valentines from Autumnleah!

What she has to say about herself:

I am a stay-home mom and I love being able to see my daughter grow everyday... with that said I also need something to keep me sane. So I make stuff! I just recently started making jewelry so it is my habit right now but I also love making anything on my computer. I do all of my scrapbooking digitally. I create Christmas cards, birth announcements, birthday invitations etc. I have a degree in graphic design so that is my passion. I would never actually work in the advertising world (too much pressure) but I love using those skills for personal use or for friends, ets. I love to look at a craft and figure out how to make it myself. That is why my shop is kind of ecclectic. Anyway, I live in Dallas and I will ship to anywhere. Outside of the USA there is an additional charge though.

Below are a couple of her unique pieces that would make charming gifts this Valentines!
"Personalized Sweetheart Necklaces."
Be sure to check out the rest of her shop as well!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Two and a half weeks!!

Until Valentines??? Still no gift??
Then why not check out thumbelinacreations!

More about the artist!

Jonquil Thiessen is a stay-at-home mom of three boys who loves to be creative in many different ways. She loves to sing, knit, crochet, draw, scrapbook, write music, and make jewelry. She would feel lost if she wasn't able to be creative.She started young, singing in church and at weddings at three years old. Music and art have always been her passion. She took art classes and music lessons all through school and college. During college, she met her husband, Keith. They have been married for almost ten years. He also enjoys music and encourages her to further her interests. (Or maybe he justs puts up with it.)He does say sometimes that she has too many hobbies.Jonquil's favorite medium is ... well ... It's hard to pick a favorite. She likes jewelry, but is considering opening a knitting store as well.She has tried to pass on her passion to her boys, but as you may know, little boys do not have a long attention span. Some of the boys are off to school know, so she has a little more time to focus on her art.Her main priority is her family. Etsy has become a valuable method of continuing with her art and still being able to love and take care of her family.

A couple of samples from her shop:
Heart Necklace

RED button earrings

Be sure to pop over to her shop and check out the rest of her goodies :)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Enjoy Berries??

Check out the work of Berry Patch Designs!

What they have to say about themselves:
Stephanie Strain is a pseudo-geek and jewelry designer, working on further developing more advanced wire and silversmith techniques. I love the varying colors, textures and patterns of gemstones and study lapidary and gemology, as well.I have 3 shops on Etsy:BerryPatchDesigns (this shop) I work with my two "sisters" who also create lovely earth-based jewelry. (AKA SilverShadow Designs) is my own primary shop, though many of BerryPatch's pieces are mine, as well.UnderCurrent http://UnderCurrent.etsy.comis my shop for edgier and experimental designs and is still in development.

I love to combine the varying colors and textures of the natural world. There are so many feelings and places to love about our world!Sterling silver and copper join in the visual symphony; they have their own brightness and feelings to contribute. Gold filled or vermeil will sometimes "drop in".Hearing and seeing that people enjoy wearing my jewelry is one of the best things about designing jewelry.SilverShadow Stylings is the work of Stephanie Strain of Orlando, FL.

Below are a couple examples of the lovelies in their shop:
Turquoise Bear Fetish Necklace

Turquoise Spiral Bracelet

Be sure to check out their other two shops as well :

Friday, January 25, 2008

Love giving unique Valentine gifts??

Then come and check out Crafty Moose!

What she has to say about herself:

I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. I am self-taught and have enjoyed painting, needlework, quilting, polymer clay and jewelry making. Most recently, I have found myself drawn to beads and have returned to the art of french beaded flowers. I enjoy making original, one-of-a-kind butterflies & dragonflies. I am also introducing a new line of one-of-a-kind beaded art dolls and suncatchers. Custom requests are welcome. All my items are lovingly created in a smoke-free, pet-free environment.The name Craftymoose came about because of my love of crafts and my husband's love of moose. My avatar is the head of a 4'+ tall moose I made him one Christmas!

I picked a couple of Unique Valentine gifts as a sample, but you should check out her shop-she sells such a variety!!

Hearts and Flowers Treasure Box

Red, Red, French Beaded Roses

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Taste of Brazil

Come and get one at CONTASBRASIL (!

What she has to say about herself:

Since 2005, the brazilian Suzy Wortberg designs in Cologne custom jewelry together with two artists from her native country, Bebê de Soares and Ana Vilas Boas. Brazil meets Europe. Where different cultures meet, ideas spring up. Contrasts produce exciting new concepts. Jewelry is the expression of personality. Thus all ContasBrasil products are handmade, unique pieces, developed with a taste for things special. Inspired by the Brazilian light, it's many-sided culture and the countless riches of the Brazilian soil. Motivated by the desire of bringing people the unique feeling of life in Brazil.
Pop over for a special piece this valentines such as:

"I love pearls"

"Shades of Red"

CONTASBRASIL also has a supplies shop :

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Of Bracelets and Cuffs!!

So, I have been "playing" with some ideas for bracelets and cuffs :) I need to post more variety in my etsy shop, so, here are a few pictures of "coming attractions" so to speak :)
Netted cuffs, first and second try :)

One of the reasons I love beading so much is that there is always something new to learn!
I decided that I wanted to learn hearring bone (the stitch). One of my fellow beaders gave me some tips (esther of and I've been enjoying it :)
here is my first try at a bracelet :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Looking for Original?

This Valentines?????
Well, run on over to Sweet Irie Origionals!

What she has to say about herself:

Established in 2005, the Sweet Irie name came about from the newest addition to my family; my kitten, Irie. Her name means, supreme joy; quite fitting! She is the light of my life and the inspiration for my jewelry, as she likes to help me work! Although I have to admit, she isn't much help! She loved to play with the jewelry and balls of hemp I once used; stringing it all over the house. Needless to say, she now has her own stash of 'toys' lying around. Just as well, I have since moved on from making hemp jewelry and create the beautiful handmade beaded designs you will see throughout (my) store. I do hope you enjoy!
I am an art student going to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online. I absolutely love it! When I am not doing school work, I am spending time with my family, many animals, church, and making jewelry. I have very little time for much else and can not wait to graduate! Disney here I come!

Just a couple of her beauties for a tease:

Pecan Sundae Fling Bracelet

Angelina Earrings
Come and see the rest of her lovelies!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Need some bling?`

For your vanentine???
Check out Staci Rose Designs (

What she has to say about herself:

My name is Staci Rose, busy bee of Staci Rose Designs. I offer original, hand-made, and one of a kind: Original Oil Paintings, Handmade Jewelry, Decorated Picture Frames and Mirrors, Judaica, Bead Boxes, Mother's Earrings, and more great gift ideas! Custom orders always welcome!
I was born in Portland, Oregon on February 4th in the middle of a blizzard and have been a force of nature ever since. Involved in the arts since I was five years old. I have lived in San Francisco for the last 10 years expanding on my creativity. A self-taught artist and musician, I believe that every specially crafted piece I create is intended for special individuals. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Some pieces you might want to check out for your sweetie (or yourself):


Be sure to check out her shop for the rest of her goodies!! (She also sells beads, frames, paintings and more!!)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Ready For Valentines???

Buy your sweetie some mineral makeup from Mineral Magic!!!

What she has to say about herself:
I take great pride in my makeup line and guarantee 100% satisfaction. Mineral makeup is pure, crushed minerals from the earth, that improves your skin condition. it provides an SPF (sun protection factor) of up to 20, depending on how much you apply. It is an anti- inflamatory for your skin, as well. My makeup does NOT contain bismuth oxychloride, which is kin to arsenic, and is most likely the reason for skin irritation. Since these minerals are 100% pure, bacteria cannot be supported. Therefore, there is no expiration date. There is virtually no allergy risk.
A couple of Valentine gift ideas:
Body Scrub In Cucumber Melon

ULTRA-Sensitive Skin Mineral Makeup Kit Great Gift Set
Come and browse the rest of her goodies for yourself or someone special!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Get Wired!!

With Wyred On Wire
( )

What she has to say about herself:

I was born and partially raised in NB Canada, I fell in love at the tender age of eight when as a christmas gift my grandparents gave me a large beading kit from then on I was always making some form of jewelry or another. I still very much love making jewelry the only thing thats changed is my range of materials from plastic stretch cord and plastic pony beads to sterling silver and precious stones. Recently I have realized as an artist you cant completely limit your materials and be happy for to long and I have many ideas for fresh and unique designs using a variety of materials. Each piece of Jewelry I make is an extension of myself to you, there's no mass produced here just pieces that are as unique and special as you are.I am a proud member of etsy moms street team andEtsy Bags.

Come and grab a cute pair of ear rings like Country Gypsy Chic:

Or a treat like this bracelet named Sun Goddess:

Come and see her full store for the rest of her goodies!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Adorn Yourself

With a lovely piece by Cryztalvisions !! (

What she has to say about herself:

I have been fascinated by crystals and stones for as long as I can remember. I had some wonderful teachers during my childhood who passed on their passion for nature, geology, crystals and gemstones. I come from a long line of artistic souls on my father's side of the family. My great grandmother was a very talented artist who started painting late in life. She left behind some amazing oil paintings that I will always treasure. She also painted and fired china, she had a fantastic eye for detail and could paint tiny pictures small enough to fit on a thimble. My father was an accomplished, well rounded artist and crafts person and spent many years teaching art in the public school system.I've been creating unique pieces of jewelry for almost 20 years now, and I'm still excited by the process. I have an insatiable appetite for learning new techniques that push the boundaries of my creativity. Along the way I have also been drawn to studying and practicing various energy healing arts, like Reiki, chakra balancing, Earth based energy medicine, shamanic practices, and Angel Therapy. I have found combining my love of minerals, my artistic eye and skill in jewelry fabrication and design, along with my heightened sensitivity to energies creates a powerful synergy. I love to immerse myself in the creative process and I'm fascinated when some pieces seem to magically design themselves. I am pleased to share my passion with you here.I delight in creating these pieces! Each one is unique, with its own energy that I feel as I work with the materials. They transport me to a place of deep knowing, relaxation and happiness as I work. My pieces not only look wonderful when worn, but also carry with them the special healing energies of each gemstone or crystal. My work is a constant exploration of the interconnectedness of all life.It is my hope that you will find a very special piece that speaks to your heart. What's with the "Z" in Cryztalvisions? You may ask. It's an homage to one of my wonderful teachers who pronounced crystals: "creezzztals"

Why not head over to her shop and buy yourself a pair of earings.

Or get your Valentine something special??

Monday, January 14, 2008

Slip Away...

To the warm breezes of Belize!!!!!

Today I am featuring Coconut Palm Designs (

What she has to say about herself:
I am a Canadian living in Belize, Central America and also a graphic designer. Woodworking and sign design is my newest crafting passion but art has been in my blood since birth.Sign making has turned into a great outlet for my creative energies and finally I am using my graphic design training for something exciting.Custom orders are welcome. Please feel free to contact me if you have a particular sign you would like me to make for you.

Been wanting to buy a ACEO?

Mountain Lake ACEO

How about a nice welcome sign?

Sailboat Welcome Sign

Come and see everything she has to offer!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cozy Clothes For Tots!!!!!!

Have a wee one you need to keep warm this winter???

Run on over to KuddleBugzThreadz!!!!!


What she has to say about herself:

My name is Toni and I am the mother of two wonderful little twin girls!Yes, I live way up North where it gets VERY cold in the winter...-50 degrees F! (And yes, there really is a place called North Pole! It is about 10 miles from Fairbanks, AK.) The winters do get long, but it is absolutely breath taking up here in Alaska! The summer days are amazing with such long days! I am most famous for being "Mommy" to my 18 month old twin daughters! I never knew I had so much love in me until I became a mother! They are my so precious! And they are the inspiration for KuddleBugz Threadz! With the need in Fairbanks for warm baby items, I felt a tug at my heart to use my talents to help other mom's! Tori and Trista inspired the name "KuddleBugz", they are truly my little kuddlebugz!Keep your little ones warm and cozy this winter with a beautiful Infant Car Seat Cover! For those tiny toes pick up a pair of warm and cozy booties! Don't have a NEW Baby? How about new hat or pair of mittens for that Toddler in your life?More items coming soon! Add me to your Heart Me list to see new inventory!

She also does custom orders and gift certificates!!

These clothes are both warm and adorable!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Winter blues???

Escape into some beautiful art !!!
Today I am featuring Kala -Karen Jinks, Author and Freelance Illustrator.

What she has to say about herself:
My name is Karen, I'm mum to two beautiful children and a professional artist and illustrator from the UK. I love to create and have trouble deciding what to do so I usually end up trying to a bit of everything from painting to jewellery making and crochet, which is why I opened an esty shop.

Here you will find my artwork, prints and cards,
my crafts and jewellery can be found in my new shop opening soon

Peaceful is what her work says to me!!
She does a variety of work, here are a few that I really like, but, you MUST come and treat yourself to the rest of her store!!!!!!!

This is an example of an adorable custom drawing.


Sunday, January 6, 2008


The Etsy Bead Weavers December-January Challenge is almost here!!!!
Come and vote for your favorite piece beginning tomorrow, January 7th!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Just wanted to put up my newest piece :)
It was a stinker for some reason!!
I only wish I could truly capture it with my camera!
I made this piece for the Etsy Bead Weavers Challenge!!
Come and vote for your favourite piece starting February 7th! (

Friday, January 4, 2008

Elektra Jewelry Design

Is my feature today!!
What she has to say about herself:

I am a newcomer to Etsy. I have loved jewelry and gemstones all my life. My travels to Greece and Greek background have influenced my love of 18k and 24k gold and my choice to work with gold vermeil.(24k over sterling silver) I make one of a kind jewelry pieces to accommodate many different styles and fashion trends.
Although I began working with stones over 10 years ago, the demands of a full time teaching job and childcare did not allow me the time to follow this passion. Finally, the timing seemed right and I have started creating and selling my pieces. Now that I have started a business, I devote most of my time and energy into creating pieces that can be worn and enjoyed for years to come.
I work primarily with gold vermeil, Bali sterling silver,semi-precious stones and vintage glass beads. Please be on the lookout for new pieces in my Murano Collection. The colors of these beautful Venetian beads are so exceptional,they add another dimension to my jewelry.

Come and check out this classy jewelry!!
Here are a couple just to wet your taste buds:

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cuddle up!!!

Today's featured store is

What she has to say about herself:
Sewing is my passion! I've been sewing for family, friends & customers for over 30 years! I take great pride in the items that I make.

I love to do customs orders, so if you don't see something just like what you have in mind, just convo me and we can work together to create your dream!
I am married and have four wonderful children...well, they aren't exactly "children" anymore, the youngest two are 19! I have lived here in my hometown of Opp, Al for most of my life, except for a couple of short periods here and there!

And that passion truly comes out in her work!!
Her work is both diverse-from quilts , to cozy baby fleeces, to dolls and stuffed animals to some of the most unique quilts I have ever seen to-You NEED to go check her store out!!!

Here is one of those quilts I was talking about, what a neat idea!!

And what could be more cozy to wrap your little one in than a soft fleece?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pendants and Paintings

Today I am featuring Yaslani
Foxy Modish Art & Jewelry for Swanky Fashionistas and Stylish Chaps!

What she has to say about herself:
Bio I was born and raised on the Jersey Shore and then moved to Los Angeles where I studied Fine Art -Painting at Otis Art Institute. Before long I found myself back in New Jersey where I detoured from art for a while and settled into a normal life fully stocked with a corporate job. Turns out normal isn’t for me. Making things is an addiction. A packrat by nature, I believe all items have a second life and I love using recycled items and supplies that are gentle to the environment.

My work consists of bamboo pendants and mixed media paintings. I use found objects, bamboo, ephemera, old paper, acrylic, goauche, pencils, pens, ink, glitter… and anything else within my grasp. I’m influenced by pop culture, color, music, animals, fashion, movies, magazines and too many artists to mention. There are no heavy messages in my work. I consider my art to be an aesthetic conversation. A lovely chat between friends sometimes relaying a story or an inside joke. The only judgement I make with my art is “am I feeling this or not.” The “not” pile gets recycled for another day.

Yaslani is the brainchild for all my creative outlets. There is so much more I plan to do. There are so many more beautiful conversations I plan to have and I’m still planning my escape from normal. Stay tuned.

Yaslani is INDEED quite versitile in her style, from floral pieces to geishas!! From animals to Marilyn Monroe and Mae West.

Below are a couple samplings of her work that I personally liked-but, make sure to check out her full store which is just full to the brim with creativity!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Love Lampwork??

Want to help a good cause???
Then you should check out
original . unique . handmade

These pieces truly ARE unique and original!!
And, to top it off, she donates profits from various pieces to charitable, non-profit organizations!!!

What she has to say a
bout herself:
A lil sumptin sumptin about me…I’ve been involved in Art since childhood, covertly doodling girly faces in my older siblings school notebooks. My favorite were the Algebra notebooks - those equation brackets made great profiles!
I’m a Jill of many trades, master of none, having had formal training as a Fashion Designer, Illustrator and Calligrapher. I’ve been making jewelry for about 3 years. My handmade, one-of-a-kind creations are typically whimsical, sometimes humorous, and frequently incorporates two things I love and enjoy - flower gardens and dogs.
In honor of my two golden retrievers, who were both adopted from local animal shelters and have since passed away, I’ve established PAWS FOR A GOOD CAUSE. PAWS is a permanent section in my Etsy shop, as well as annual eBay charity auctions where 100% of the proceeds benefit various animal and human non-profit organizations.

Here are a couple of her lovely pieces that really caught my eye:
Todays featured Esty Artist is Tiffany Teske

What she has to say about herself:

I have loved photography since I was given a 110 camera at the age of 7, to capture memories on a family trip. I studied ballet, creative writing, and art in high school but did not take photography classes. Instead, I was "the after school photography club" and was taught by a science teacher how to use the darkroom. The chemicals got into my blood, and after roaming the US for 5 years (Arizona, Florida, Connecticut, & New York) I settled in Carrabassett Valley, Maine, population 200, and home to Sugarloaf USA, and decided to go to University for.... nursing? Well, yes, I did start the pre req courses, but fate stepped in, and after one summer colour printing course and some credit mishaps on the school's part, I switched my major to photography. I graduated from the University of Maine at Augusta with both an Associate of Arts in Photography (Magna cum Laude) in 2000 and a Bachelor of Arts Joint BA in Art and Photography (Magna cum Laude) in 2002. Did I mention that I drove 3 hours round trip to school, 2-3 times a week, for 5 years? If it weren’t for computer courses I would have driven even more… oh, and I met my future husband during this time, who was from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, a 12 hour round trip drive the other direction. I drove back and forth for three years before we married. Now, we live in Banff, Alberta, Canada, with our toddler, Quinlyn, and I WALK EVERYWHERE ;)

It has been a fun ride all along. If you want to know more, feel free to check out the About Tiffany section on my website at

My Favorite Materials are... (I can't seem to get this to show up below)
TMAX and HP5 black and white film; Polaroid peel apart films for transfers and emulsion lifts; all kinds of paper; fiber based prints made in the darkroom; hand colouring markers; archival mats I cut myself; black metal frames for sleekness and gold gilded frames for romance; silver and copper jewelry components; gel medium; bamboo tiles; poker chips; bottle caps; watercolour paper

I am thrilled to be presenting my work to you on Etsy. Please note that all of my work comes from a non smoking and pet free environment. Thanks for looking! Tiffany

How diverse are these pictures??
I like these two!