Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Beading Against Breast Cancer

A bit ago a member of our street team Clickscalearts proposed an idea to our street team , the etsy bead weavers: to participate in the beaders against breast cancer fundraiser.

For the past few years Jeanette Shanigan has been collecting squares from beaders who donated their time and talent, and then assembled them into quilts, which she then puts in shadow boxex and donates to the bead and button show to be auctioned off. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to the Medical College of Wisconsin Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Every year there is a theme. This year's is "Bead artist's have a heart to take on breast cancer."
Previous themes have been a rose them and a butterfly theme.

Over 25 members of our team have decided to particpate in this.

You can read the article the Storque talks about us if you so desire, and in the bead and button blog.

Above is my contribution. It may sound funny to some who have woven in peyote for years , but this was actually a bit of a stretch for me. I have hardly touched the stitch, so I was very pleased with the outcome.


Melody said...

Oh, Kim, that is gorgeous! It really came out perfect.

Kim said...

aw, thank you :) It was my first completed piece in delicas...imagine that!

Nyl said...

its wonderful!keep it up!:)

Beaderjojo said...

That is beautiful! My husband says it reminds him of the Whitman's candy box. =)