Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!!

The fourth of July used to be one of my all time favourites:
It ushered in my favourite time of the year-summer!
I mean, what could be better than spending the whole weekend with my best friend at various picnics and barbecues and watching fireworks in her yard or down on the beach?
When I was a kid I was also REALLY into doing my nails-maybe this is where my obsession with tiny things started. My best friend got me hooked on using a teeny tiny brush and doing various pictures and designs from my vast stash of colours ( my vast stash is in tiny beads, but still...;)). So, on the fourth of course it was some variation of the American flag, coupled with a complete outfit in red white and blue.

So, there is something about this cuff that makes me want to yank it out of my shop and wear it today, regardless of what people may think of me. Because, now, I live in Canada.
I have for several years now, but this year I am missing everything.
I am going to have to content myself with wearing the earrings I made with the left over beads (my fellow American co-worker also got a pair ;)).

I hope you all have a very blessed and full holiday!!!

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Kerrie Slade said...

That really is a lovely cuff Kim. The 'randomness' of the beads works well and great photography too!

Thanks for the visit ;0)