Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Just a little one"

Last month Little Girl Friend was over for a Christmas movie and I was working on a custom order. She strolled over and wanted to know "whatcha doin?" She then proceeded, with cute hand gestures to ask if I would make her"just a little one"(she said this a few times;)). She likes jewelery, princesses and being girly just a bit. And the fact that she constantly "ooohs" over my jewelery does not hurt either.
So I told her something like "oh, we'll have to see, sometime" planning to make her something for Christmas.
I really like what I came up with and the concept will be showing up soon in the shop, maybe even in "just a little one" size.


From Aunt Trudi said...

I have a really good picture of her wearing her new necklace. I will send you a copy. BTW she came running into Alexa's room yesterday wearing her necklace, and in a very proud says "look mommy, I did it all myself". Good design Kim - impressive that a 3 1/2 year old can put it on herself.

Kim said...

Oh good! That was the idea!