Monday, August 25, 2008

Really disturbed-racism on etsy

Now, there are trolls to be found in plenty, and they are annoying, but, this is another thing all together.
Why does admin allow racism to continue?
And not only that, those who are being attacked are muted while the racist continues to roam free, feeling that they are fine treating others in such a hateful way?
Is this really the new face of etsy?
How nasiating.

One by the name ChickenTrollStalker has been seen saying such things as this:

French cities have to be organized so they won't get into fistfights in the streets and kill each other. You stay there and I stay here. Of course, you don't know much about anything. I knew your husband had a citizenship so you could come here. You are living on borrowed land. It is not yet your country. You are here on his citizenship. Did he find you in a magazine for foreign girls?

All you "citizen only" naysayers, she said she was not a citizen, I didn't. If the US wanted non-citizens to vote, they'd make a law saying they could. Meanwhile, our government doesn't believe they should have a say, so why should I? We are proud of our country, we take voting very seriously. If you don't become a citizen, you are living off the land for free. She doesn't have to pay taxes, gets free medical care if she needs it, even gets social security, just like the illegals do now.

So Hyena, you're not a citizen yet so why do you think you have a right to say who should be President?
When you become a citizen, then you can vote.

And yet she roams free, unmuted.
What are admin NOT thinking.
I find it odd that she truly believes that there is no racism in GA. She just proved otherwise.

And no, this has nothing to do with a personal vendetta. I have been annoyed with this person, especially with their spreading lies of my being muted.
It makes me almost feel bad for them,because they must truly believe that the only reason to not post is when one has been muted. Not because you have been busy and out of town.

If racism had not come into play, I would not have opened my mouth. Because trolls come and trolls go.

Admin need to wake up.
Unless this is truly the new face of etsy.


GrandmaMarilyns said...

Sorry to hear that there is racism in Etsy. I for one don't believe in it.

Triz Designs said...

with every community, real of virtual, you will find the ignorant and the stupid... so I'm not suprised it happens on etsy, yes dissapointed that admin does nothing about it, but you just reminded me why I don't use the forums!!! ;-)