Friday, August 7, 2009

And the bride wore gold

Some already think I'm a little on the crazy side for working with my tiny little beads.
But I took it a step further with this piece.
I've fallen in love with fifteens...
For those of you who do not seed bead, fifteens are the smallest you can beadweave with. 25 of them will fit on an inch, whereas elevens, which I usually work with equals 20 to an inch. It's actually a significant difference, and it took a little getting used to. My husband calls them my mustard seed beads, and even I went a bit cross-eyed when I first tried to use them!
But the result is well worth the effort.
This piece almost appears fluid upon first glance, and almost look like spun gold.

This elegant piece is available here.


Anonymous said...

Wow sweetie, that is so pretty!

I'm doing well, how are you?

Aroma Fields said...

What a beauty! You must have a lot of patience to work with those tiny beads. Your work is lovely!