Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Over the past year I've fallen more and more in love with Czech pressed glass beads. I have a favourite seller who I'm willing to share my source of because I LOVE sending business her way :).
Bobbi This 'N That (I've blogged about her before) is my go to gal for my Czech bead obesession.
I just got some goodies from her in the mail this week. Some of them are for a couple of custom orders I have, but you know ;).
There are two sets in particular that I saw and went "MINE" over!

I played around with these little beauties a bit last night, but the right thing didn't work out yet.

These very well may be my (current) favorite ever. I say current because I'm fickle any time I see a new set of beads. What can I say???
These beads, as per usual, were so much better in person than in her shop.
I cannot imagine if I were to shop from her in person how many I'd come home with!!
So, I will make these into something for me at some close point in time. After all, what is the point of being able to beadweave if I don't treat myself as well? I can also use the excuse that it is great advertising.
Today though, I am going to work on piece one of said custom order. All wilst sipping on a caffinated beverage and visiting with my quilter friend at a local coffee shop. I love my day off :).

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Anonymous said...

I love bead shopping! It's like Christmas, any day of the week, heheee... I'll have to check out Bobbi's shop, seen her around, but I'm not sure I've ever purchased anything from her.