Friday, June 6, 2008


To follow up on my blog for yesterday:

Have you ever found it ironic that what others accuse you of is actually what they are guilty of?
It's pure irony.

Let's get something clear: I have a life. A busy full life. A husband, job, family.
I don't need to "get off" on forum drama as I have been accused of.
And to be threatened over what was false is even worse. You really are that invested in online life that it comes to threatening others to make yourself feel better?

This has reminded me quite well of why I hate gossip so much: facts get skewed, changed and repeated as fact over and over again.
People don't know what they are talking about, but they say they do and others believe them.
And, when this is done to someone else attempting to start a little business, it's not just catty, it's ugly and underhanded.

I thanked admin because they were aware of how I was being followed around and flamed and said that it would not be tolerated. PERIOD.
No one was having special meetings. Nothing underhanded was occurring. That people were smearing admins name over assumptions says a lot about them.

And one more thing-it was being repeated that I was harassing someone through convos...I've never sent or received convos from this person.


Nessa Monster said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

BoroBabe1020 said...
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Regal Beads said...

re deleted comment (um yes, this is my blog, why wouldn't I moderate my own blog? the gall).
I don't need to "listen" to people lying about me. That's what's happened. MOST of what was posted are lies.
If facts were prevalent that would be another story.

Regal Beads said...

Also, it all comes down to people adding to what's actually been said.
It's a FORUM for expressing ideas, thoughts and opinions.
It's not mean to disagree.

Albina Rose said...

I have seen (and a couple of times experienced) the irony you mention in your post. And only from Etsyians. These people always point to someone else's bad behavior to justify their own. And too often the "retaliatory" behavior is far worse than any perceived wrongs done to begin with.

And yes, it's worse when they act on false information they think is accurate. I know what that's like too.

I believe in karma. Those people will get as good as they give, maybe even more. The trouble with them is they won't know why it's happening to them because in their minds, they are always right and justified in their actions.

While it would be nice if people weren't like that, I still prefer to be the recipient of this malice than being the kind of person who does that sort of thing.