Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Witty Workshop

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My featured seller today is Witty Workshop:

What she has to say about herself:
My name is Valérie Parizeault and I am a Canadian Illustrator & designer from Montreal. I am also the owner of Rose Flash, Playfully spirited Jewelry (www.roseflash.ca), a graphic designer AND an art teacher. I live a very busy life! C'est la vie!

Inspired by whimsical moments, children’s universes, friendship and mignonneries, I am truly living my dream life as an artist with my husband-cherie by my side and my black cat Tokyo (nicknamed minou) on my keyboard. Also, I am:

- A Treehugger, a chocolate passionate, a coffee conoisseur (I've work several years as a Prima barista), a French Canadian, a daydreamer, a wannabe yoga wiz (not there yet!), a good cook...

I love: Feist & Coral Egan (singers), reading really late, antiques of all sorts(I collect them), all things graphic design-related, especially typo, shoes, graphic patterns, blogging and taking pictures.

I dislike: the word hate, electronic cords, talking on the phone, the smell of celeri, waiting in line, beer, over talkers and drama queens.

Please e-mail me if you have special request or questions, I'm always open to new ideas and I just love collaborations of all sorts. Je parle aussi Français (c'est ma première langue) :)
my blog: pot-aux-roses.blogspot.com
my business-tip blog: bitethebusiness.blogspot.com
my «real» freelance graphic design job: www.design.roseflash.ca
my jewelry line: www.roseflash.ca

=================== Featured in ===================
Domino Magazine:

Decor 8:


La Mode D'indie


Apartment therapy Nursery:

If you have a question or would like to say hello or Bonjour, please e-mail me to wittyworkshop(at)gmail.com. I really enjoy hearing from my customers and knowing how my art is touching your world. Kinda motivates me to create more :) !

Be sure to stop by and see her variety of prints, origionals, ACEOs and even a bit of buttons and jewellery!

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