Monday, May 5, 2008

Personal Treasures

Today I am featuring Personal Treasures:

What she has to say about herself:

Hi, I’m Phyllis Mufson, a jewelry artisan and a creative career and small business coach. I started making jewelry while directing the Locks Career Center at Moore College of Art & Design, an inspiring environment where I worked with wonderfully creative people.

Now I work in my sunny living room where I talk with clients and have all of my jewelry equipment close at hand. My design inspiration is my 23-story “bead condo” – clear, stacking sectioned boxes brimming with color-coordinated gold and silver, gemstones and pearls.

Earlier in my life I was a textile artist and that sensibility influences my designs. I'm concerned with how the jewelry drapes and moves with the body. I'm also inspired by my customers. In addition to my ETSY stores I sell through private jewelry shows so I get to see how women respond to the jewelry. I talk with them about what interests them, and find out which designs are particularly flattering to wear.

If you like Personal Treasures but are looking for something more simple or casual please visit my Mufi Jewels store at

You can learn more about my coaching practice at
I also have a blog where I write about creativity and creative people –

I sell wholesale. If you are interested in carrying my work or hosting a jewelry party please email me.

Be sure to check out the rest of the lovelies in her shop!

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